Seven Tips to guarantee the services of a competent DUI attorney


Times come when you give in to your desires to gulp down a few drinks. On the other hand, taking a ride back home after guzzling down alcohol can get you into trouble. So you need to be careful or else you may need the services of a DUI or Driving under Influence lawyer.

You can find many lawyers claiming to be experts in DUI cases. However, you need to evaluate the authenticity of their claims prior to selecting one for dealing with your case. The important considerations which you should keep in mind while hiring a DUI attorney are discussed below.

  1. Involvement in DUI cases: The first priority while selecting a DUI attorney is to find their proficiency in dealing with cases involving accidents or other unfortunate circumstances arising out of drunk driving or under the influence of other addictive substances. The variety of processes of evaluation and the imperative requirement of scientific analysis requires lawyers to be aware of latest updates in the legal framework.


Courtroom experience: The evolution of legal systems has led to the majority of DUI cases being settled. However a certain percentage of cases go to trial and in such cases, a lawyer adept at courtroom proceedings would be the best pick.

  1. Price issues: The pricing offered by various defense attorneys in DUI cases is independent of the evidences or the mandatory processes required in the case. Some lawyers can demand fees on hourly basis while others may state ambiguous reasons for higher fees. Therefore you should choose a DUI attorney who offers a fixed price in accordance with the nature of the case.
  2. Guarantee of Results: You will find many lawyers who would promise that they can provide success in your case. However, the promises may turn out to be false and land you up on the losing side. No experienced lawyer would guarantee positive results in a case owing to the multitude of factors involved. Therefore you have to identify the thin line of difference between assurance and confidence.
  3. Acquaintance with technology: Since the legal implications of a DUI case involve scientific analysis, the lawyer must be aware of the intricate aspects of methods used for analysis such as breath analyzer tests. If the attorney is capable of understanding the results of such tests, then they can form a strong defense on your behalf in court. Specialization in such techniques is an additional facet in the resume of DUI attorneys.

  1. Replacements: Another important concern while hiring a DUI lawyer is the availability of other lawyers to address the case in event of the attorney’s absence. In case of law firms, they usually have replacements for DUI attorneys.
  2. Judges are the boss: Yes, this is a fact! The DUI attorney selected by you must be able to apprehend the philosophy of judges in order to deal with the case in the desired manner. Some judges prefer to be lenient in their sentencing while other judges prefer prosecution. Therefore the lawyer must understand the judge in order to represent your case tailored to the mindset of the judge.
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